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Many combined years in the entertainment industry has equipped us to be able to cater for many of your event requirements. We provide PA, Lighting and Decor along with highly qualified production crew. Coupled with our popular promotions and the artists on our agency we can take care of everything you need to help make your event a success.

We have experience supplying PA and services for many clients including:-


       · Harlequin Fayre (Main Stage 2010 to 2014)                 · Shambala Festival (Kou Kous Stage 2010 to 2014)

       · Ipswich Arts Festival (Big Top Stage 2011 to 2014)     · PlayFest, Norfolk (Asylum Stage 2012)

       · Maui Waui Festival (Flavour Parlour 2013 to 2014)    · Lockstock, Geldeston Locks (2010 to 2014)


Get in touch via our contact page to discuss your event needs



The Festival Asylum stage is a culmination of everything we do. It gives us the unique platform to promote the Artists on our roster as well as meeting new acts to play at our shows in winter/sping.

The Stage is all about providing a comfortable environment for performers and gig goers alike, creating a brilliant setting to host a diverse array of acts and entertainment. It comes with a compere and Dj's to keep the atmosphere going whatever the vibe.

We can supply as little or as much as you want but you will not be disappointed with our full set of services!




We have built up a large range of décor and stage props to create an unusual and exciting visual experience, some of which include a giant picture frame (see above) that spans the stage, built in sections so ranges from 2.4M square up to a massive 6M x 3.6M.

A standing lamp that’s controlled remotely!

An illuminated vintage screen, a luxurious chaise longue, huge orange and white backdrop, a number of lush velvet drapes, stage black and vintage rugs to line the stage all coming together to create a wonderful performance space.



We supply high end pro audio sound equipment along with experienced sound engineers to put it all together and ensure the smooth running of your event.

No gig is too small, we also have vast experience in supplying services to pubs, clubs, weddings and private parties.

Contact us to discuss your next event.



We work with many organisations and can help source anything for your event, just ask. We won't take a fee we'll just 'hook' you up!

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